Company <<Kvant>> has extensive experience in international transportation, including oversized and hazardous cargo. We carry out both import operations related to the import of cargo into the territory of the Russian Federation and export operations from Russia to any part of the world.
Prompt communication with product shipper to ensure shipment on time
High speed of response to changes in cargo availability dates, ship schedules, transportation routes
Advance verification and approval of documents for organizing in-port forwarding, intra-customs transit and customs clearance at the port of arrival
Monitoring of cargo movement and informing customers at every stage of transportation
Transportation of oversized cargo (2000-ton crawler crane XCMG XGC28000 for Sinopec)
Customer: COSCO Shipping
Project: Amursky GCC
Date: June 2021
Export of trademarked goods
Date: September 2021
Export of equipment restricted for export by the Russian government decree № 311-313

Date: 2022-2023
Export of dual-use goods
(Honeywell gas analyzers )
Export of dangerous goods of hazard class 2-4 (fire equipment and fire extinguishers)
Customer: China Shipbuilding Yards
Date: 2021 - 2023
Customer: BOMESC Offshore Engineering Co Ltd
Project: Arctic LNG 2
Date: July 2021
By order of COSCO Shipping, we took an active part in the transportation of a crawler crane XGC28000 from China to Russia for Sinopec as part of the Amur GCC project.

The XGC28000 crawler crane has a lifting capacity of 2000 tons! The difficulty of its transportation was a big number of large-sized parts, some of which weighed up to 70 tons.

Transportation of the crane components was carried out across the Amur River by barges from Heihe to Blagoveshchensk, with following unloading in Blagoveshchensk and delivery to the Amur GCC site.

Within the framework of the project implementation in close contact with the Customer we have successfully performed the works on development of crane work plan and organization of logistic process, including:
control over loading of crane elements onto barges in the commercial port of Heihe;
unloading of crane elements from barges in the port of Blagoveshchensk;
organization of further transportation of the crane to the Amursky GCC site.
ПBy order of BOMESC Offshore Engineering Co Ltd, we exported Honeywell flammable gas detectors from Russia to China for the Arctic LNG 2 project.

The main difficulty in exporting such equipment is that it is classified as "dual-use goods", which are used for peaceful purposes but can also be used for military purposes. Accordingly, we conducted an "Independent Identification Expertise of Goods" and obtained export authorization from the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC of Russia).

The transportation was carried out by air transport, taking into account all the rules and requirements for the transportation of such cargo.

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At the request of Chinese shipbuilding companies, we carried out export deliveries of firefighting equipment and fire extinguishers of Russian/Belarusian production to China in the period from 2021 to 2023.

The main difficulty in exporting such equipment is that a fire extinguisher is a pressure vessel filled with chemically active substances (hazardous cargo of hazard class II). Transportation of such cargo even within the country is not a simple task, and export to another country is associated with even greater difficulties.

Due to the professionalism and experience of our employees, we have successfully exported this equipment in compliance with all Russian and international requirements for the transportation of dangerous goods.
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Our company exported Russian-made Rockwool mineral wool to China for the company G&B OFFSHORE LIMITED.

Despite the absence of obvious difficulties, during transportation the customer faced restrictions on export from Russia of goods marked with the Trademark (the Trademark is protected in the territory of the Russian Federation and is included in the Customs Register of intellectual property objects of the Russian Federation).

To export this material we had to obtain an official permission "On export of products marked with the trademark "Rockwool"" from the right holder of the trademark, namely the company Rockwool International A/S (DK-2640, Denmark, Hedehusene, Hovedgaden, 584).

Transportation was carried out by sea from St. Petersburg to Shanghai, taking into account all rules and requirements.
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By order of foreign companies, we exported various Russian equipment to China in the period from 2022 to 2023, which is subject to export bans in accordance with Russian Government Resolutions No. 311, 312 and 313.

While exporting technological goods from Russia, our Customers have encountered existing export bans under Russian Government Resolutions No. 311, 312 and 313.

Nowadays the export of technological products is limited, so for export of products with 100% Russian origin, we issue certificates of origin of goods ST-1. In case of exporting equipment with high content of foreign components, our company executes permits of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Department of International Cooperation and Licensing in the sphere of foreign trade) for export of this equipment from Russia.