In any country, the safety of products is determined by specially established standards fixed at the legislative level. Sailing of imported goods in the territory of the Russian Federation implies the existence of a document confirming safety and compliance with these standards. The procedure of obtaining this document is a rather laborious and complicated process, which takes a lot of time. Kvant Company is a partner of accredited laboratories. We will provide you with the necessary documents in a short time.
Voluntary product certification
  • Voluntary GOST R certificate
  • Certificate for services in a voluntary certification system
Compulsory product certification
  • Declaration of Conformity to TR CU
  • Certificate of Conformity to TR CU
Fire certification
  • Fire Safety Certificate
  • Fire Safety Declaration
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • ISO 22 000 (HACCP) Certificate
Regulatory and technical documentation
  • Development of technical specifications (TS)
  • Safety data sheet
Certification of management systems
  • Certificate of state registration
  • Expert opinion of Rospotrebnadzor
Sanitary-epidemiological supervision and phytosanitary supervision
  • Mandatory Certificate of Conformity GOST R
  • Declaration of Conformity GOST R
  • TR CU Declaration of Conformity
  • TR CU Certificate of Conformity
  • Self-registration of declaration via FSA service
  • Declaration of TR EAEC 037/2016
  • Certification for electromagnetic compatibility
  • EMERCOM license
  • Fire Safety Certificate
  • Voluntary fire certificate
  • Fire Safety Declaration
  • Certificate GOST RV 0015-002-2012
  • Certificate GOST R ISO/TU 16949-2009
  • Certificate of GOST R ISO 13485-2004
  • Certificate of Integrated Management System (ISO 9001, ISO 14 001, ISO 18 001)
  • Certificate of Energy Management System GOST R ISO 50001-2012
  • Certification GOST R ISO 45001-2020
  • Development of QMS documentation
  • ISO 9000 certification
  • HACCP for catering
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • OHSAS Certificate
  • ISO 22 000 (HACCP) Certificate
  • GMP Certificate
  • ISO 14001 Certificate
  • Development of product labeling
  • Development of production control program
  • Development of technological regulations for production
  • Strength calculation
  • Registration of organization standard (STO)
  • Development of technical-technological cards
  • Design documentation (CD)
  • Quality passport
  • Program of industrial control of water quality
  • Hotel production control program
  • Development of technical specifications (TU)
  • Registration of technical specifications (TU)
  • Development of organization standard (STO)
  • Examination of organization standard (STO)
  • Safety passport
  • Registration of safety passport of chemical products
  • Chemical Safety Data Sheet (msds)
  • Operating Manual
  • GOST product passport
  • Safety justification
  • Development of Technological Instructions
  • Technological Regulations
  • Products subject to mandatory state registration
  • ISTA certification
  • State Registration Certificate
  • Phytosanitary certificate
  • Expert opinion of Rospotrebnadzor
  • Quarantine certificate