LLC PKF "MKS" is engaged in the production of explosion-proof universal modular cable
penetrations (cable glands) of the brand MKS type KV.
They offer modern, advanced solutions for making entries when laying cable systems.
LLC PKF MKS provides organizations operating in the industrial segment with reliable
cable solutions with a modular concept and characteristics that are oriented not only for today, but also for the future. All their products are manufactured on the basis of open international standards technology. It is important to note that cable penetrations are an integral and full part of any cable system. Particular attention to them is confirmed by the fact that the production of these components in Russia today is unique, new and in demand.
In production, they use expensive technologies that open up the widest possibilities
during work and provide a guaranteed quality of cable sealing in the passage. Today, this type of penetration is used in many areas of industry, especially where there are increased
requirements for isolation from the external environment: oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry, extractive industry, shipbuilding, construction, fuel and energy industry.


  • Sealing modules
  • Sealing module MKS with protection from electromagnetic radiation
  • Blind modules
  • Compression blocks
  • Anchor plates
  • Clamping device
  • Mounting frames RVM
  • Reciprocal frames RVO
  • Mounting frames RVM SB
  • Reciprocal frames RVO SB                                      
  • Cabinet Mounting Frames MKS RVM Sh
  • Single cable gland with flange
  • Cable entry counter KVO
  • Single cable entry weld-in
  • Mounting frames RVM U